Tuesday, July 7, 2009


About 25 years ago on June 12...I was hurriedly trying to plant my young basil plants. You see I was in the early stages of Labor! Basil cannot be planted until it is consistently over 50 degrees at night. It will just sit there and die!! I knew that I would be rather busy after the new baby arrived. I got it planted!! But as the Doctor was delivering my little one he commented about how dirty my feet looked. I told him in no uncertain terms that I had been barefoot and very pregnant and in the garden and that he just needed to deliver the baby and shut up!

Well...my beautiful Kalee arrived. But as my "herbal' friends keep telling me I marked her. She has an unbelievable love for basil. As a young child she would pick it and eat it! I have carried many bottles of opal basil vinegar to her through the years!! Now at 25 she has her own basil patch and has been vegetarian all her life. She could live on tomato/basil/ mozzarella salad!!

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