Friday, July 24, 2009

The Siberian Elm

In our backyard we have a magnificent tree. It is a Siberian Elm. During every storm we sadly watch as Mother Nature does way too much pruning. For years my friends have urged me to enter the tree into the Kentucky Champion Tree Program, so I finally called the Kentucky Forestry Dept. Early this spring an Agent came out and measured the tree and told me it received a score of 320,but that it could not be entered in the Kentucky Champion Tree program as it was not Native to Kentucky. She did however check the National program, disappointment again,my tree was just short. The Biggest Siberian Elm in the United States has a score around 360. I wish it had been measured when we first moved here about 14 years ago, as so many limbs have fallen.

Under the arching branches of this amazing tree much of our life has evolved. From gatherings for both my children's weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, to casual dinners and meetings, the shade of this tree has hosted it all. Our property was originally part of Squire Boone's property (Daniel's Brother) so that old tree has seen it's share of history.The Forestry Agent told me that someone many years ago brought Siberian Elms into the country and planted about a dozen in Shelby Co. I feel blessed to have four.


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