Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thank you today for...

Everday I am going to post what I am grateful for today!!!

Today I am grateful for:
Going to the Farmer's Market and getting some super Kale and seeing my great friends who sell the most beautiful bunches of Flowers.

For Melinda and the great Pilates class!

For no rain all afternoon so I could cut and weed.

For having great phone calls from both my babies( they will always be my babies even thought they are 25 and 27)

For seeing a hummingbird. I have not seen one all summer. The Scout that came in April, hit the window and died and I have not seen one since. I plant every plant on the list for attracting Hummingbirds.( no surprise)

For going to a great dinner with one of my Best Friends in Shelbyville!!!

For how amazing it is that nature has recovered from the awful winter we endured in Kentucky!

(see photo)

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