Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boxing Day

We decided to head out to seek out a beach that we had not adventured to before. After searching and scratching our way through narrow bad trails that we tried to use and roads, we gave up . I do not think Randy would have enjoyed this beach at this point anyway.

We did stop at Four Points Marina for a Kalik Beer and Conch Sandwiches. Both Island specialities. Conch is the main staple here as well as Kalik.

Conch is in everything. On a previous visit we found a guy who claimed he was the Conch Master. He made great conch salad right in front of you. Much to our dismay we have not been able to find him. But Will would not give up. His fishing guy told him Donavon was still in Tarpum Bay. So when we were driving through Will spotted his new gig. It was not open on Boxing Day, but we will return.

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