Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rainbow Inn

Yesterday afternoon we journeyed north to the Rainbow Bay Area of the Island. It is a great area with wide Caribbean beaches and wild Atlantic beaches on the other side. The island is very narrow here spit is the best of both worlds.
However our mission was to go to the Rainbow Inn and connect with a Bone fisherman Guide for Will. I also knew that this place was now being run by a young couple. They grow all their own organic vegetables, use local caught lobster and fish and have really worked hard to provide a wonderful haven for fisherman and tourists .
It worked Will is out today with a great guide. The person he used before Albert McKinney has passed away. Plus we had a great lunch. They were preparing for a Christmas Eve Festival. So they did not have a menu or really opened but they had fresh fish and lobster and wonderful greens from the garden. They just said what do you like and then they presented us with a culinary treat.
I loved it. We then strolled through the gardens. Good luck to such a great couple working hard and doing it right!!!

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