Monday, December 31, 2012


Tonight we are eating at Tippys. We love this Oceanside restaurant. The food is great, lots of music and great island fun. Tonight Will ordered the duck, he enjoyed it much better than the Beach House Duck. Randy ordered the Lion Fish, as we had learned that an effort was being made to introduce this fish into the Eleutheran diet. He really enjoyed the dish and felt the presentation was wonderful. We all took a taste, it was a light white fish.

Kalee and I split a spinach/feta cheese pizza and the tomato/ mozzarella salad. Both were very good. I loved the freshness of the tomatoes and basil, perhaps because it reminded me of my Kentucky garden meals. Tippys was packed and turning people away in groves. I was very glad we had made reservations.

We opted to take an after dinner walk on the beach and could continue to enjoy the music on our walk as well as sitting on our great porch in the condo. As an added bonus Randy and Will enjoyed several good Cuban cigars, an unusual treat for both of them.

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