Monday, December 24, 2012

Getting to the island

Randy and I really like to get to the airport early before a flight. I can say it has caused some issues over the years. But we pushed this one and won. We got to the airport for our 11:45 am flight at 9:30. But much to our surprise everyone else had gotten there early as well. So by 11:15 we were on King Air plane headed for Eleuthera, all 9 of us. Will got to sit in the co-pilot seat
and our 20 minute flight was wonderful. I can not describe the varying shades of blue of the ocean to anyone, you must experience it. It is awesome. Everyone on the plane is full of excitement and we all quickly make friends.

The rental car situation is very unique here on the island. Cars are of the lower grade and cash is the name of the game, but this time our man Tracy was there waiting for us and a much better car. So on to Pineapple Fields.

This is the first place Randy and I stayed when we came to the island four years ago. We love it. Pineapple Fields Forever.

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Location:Ok maybe just this once you were right.

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