Tuesday, December 25, 2012

French Leave Beach

Our last adventure for the day was to journey to French Leave Beach. We dropped Will off in Governors Harbor to fish and we took the short trip up the narrow paths to one of the most beautiful beaches. This is a pink sand beach and is amazing.

It was the original Club Med Beach and location of the Club Med Beach Club until Hurricane Floyd damaged the resort in1999. Supposedly it is being redone into the French Leave Resort but we have seen no evidence of this development moving forward.

It is fun to see the ruins of the old resort but the best thing to enjoy is the drop dead gorgeous beach.

PInk Sand.... Views forever....no crowds!

Oh by the way, we tried a place for dinner we have enjoyed dropping into while walking the beach. "The Beach House". We have tried two other times to eat there and had not good results. So this was the third strike. We will never try to have a meal there again. Drinks yes it is lovely, but that is all.

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