Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decorating on the Wild Side!

One of my favorite pass times involves using natural items to decorate my house for each season. This has been a very plentiful fall season and since I was having 30 at my house for Thanksgiving,  my options were overwhelming.

I love to find a space, then walk around the garden and fill it up!! Tablescapes, benches, fireplace mantels all become targets for my passion of using natural and funky found items to spruce(literally) up my house for any gathering.

This Thanksgiving, I made use of Hydrangeas, Nadina berries and leaves, fresh holly leaves and berries plus magnolia leaves. Lots of different evergreen sprigs as well as plumes from the various grasses growing in the gardens.

I throw in my gourds and pumpkins and then look through my eclectic collection of loved objects, somehow it seems to always come together.

Ok, now it is time to work on Christmas!! If you are getting ready for Holiday Decorating, take a walk on the wild side. Nature has great decorating gifts free for the snipping

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