Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas Rosemary.

Christmas Herbs

I love Herbs!   I love to grow them, cook with them, study their history, and decorate with them.  My favorite time of year to incorporate herbs into my life is during the holiday season.  Many herbs are rich in legends and lore appropriate for the advent and  Christmas season.

My number one favorite Christmas herb is Rosemary.  I love the legend about why the blossoms of this aromatic plant are blue. It is said that during the early ages the blossoms of plant were white.  When  Joseph and Mary and the baby  Jesus fled Egypt, the family laid down to rest next to a rosemary bush. Joseph draped Mary's cloak over the rosemary for the night . Out of pride and tribute to Mary the blossoms had turned blue.  

It is also said during the Middle Ages, Rosemary was spread on the floor at Christmas.  As guests arrived they would walk across the fragrant herbs and the room would fill with a glorious scent.  

I have two big rosemary plants that I keep right outside by back door. As I enter or right before guest arrive, I pet the herbs. This emits their aromatic scent that I adore. 

I have made mini wreaths out of Rosemary as gifts for guests and friends , Rosemary  sugar cookies, as well as fragrant Rosemary  breads.  Cooking wit
this plant will fragrant your whole kitchen. 

One warning, I  am always drawn to the topiary Rosemary  small Christmas trees .  They are cute, but do not survive in my dry old house . No amount of misting, sitting in water, and air circulation makes this Mediterranean herb flourish longer than a couple weeks. 

However, please bring this herb into your Christmas Decor!  You won't be sorry!!

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